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FOX News
Nov 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
knew this day would come. we don't know how badly the country would be danieled. according to a new poll, president obama's approval rating plummeted to 37%. that is nine-point drop from last month. when asked what should happen to obama care, only 7% of those polled said it should be kept as is. 48% said some changes were needed and a staggering 43% said the law should be repealed. it isn't just hard-working taxpayers losing faith in the president. so are members of his own party. quote, sources who attended a meeting of house chiefs of staff on monday say the room was seething with anger over the immense damage being done to the democratic party. there was talk of scrapping roll-out events for the affordable care act. one chief of staff said, here we are, we are supposed to be selling this to people and it's all screwed up. this either gets fixed or could be the demise of the democratic party. it probably the worst i have seen it. an aide sh it's bad, really bad. according to fox a new and independent analysis kucked by the american enterprise institute warns of a ticking
FOX News
Nov 22, 2013 1:00am PST
't afford the bronze plan, people who don't qualify for medicaid because they make a little too much. at the same time there are poor people and they may not qualify for the pronz plan. what i'm hearing two-thirds of the people who get these cancellation notices they will actually be offered plans that are better and going to get subsidies from the government. another third will have to pay more, younger, healthier people. then that smaller group that has people who are poor but not poor enough to qualify for medicare is the one that really concerns them. >> juan, this is bob. by the way, the aei is a right-wing think tank, about the last place i would go for any definitive numbers. leaving that aside, did they say anything about the legislation that the republicans passed in the house? >> no. i mean, look, this is very interesting, bob. basically the attitude was look the republicans don't want to work with us. they are totally opposed to anything. and they are delighting in our trouble. but the fact is they think once the market gets stabilized, once everything is in place, once th
FOX News
Nov 22, 2013 2:00pm PST
involved. that's where we're at right now with the obama care. i'm not a health care expert but you don't have to be to see what's going wrong. this plan is not workable. why does he not realize that? why are we worried about poll numbers? this is not working. it's a disaster. why does he not acknowledge it? why are liberals marching into the white house to get a message down? why are we having nuclear talks on thursday about 51 votes? this is an emergency. he would defuse a lot of resistance if he would admit this is the point we're at right now. >> yes, bob, answer all that -- >> first of all, for -- let me make a point he ought to go back. there are two presidents who had lower ratings and came way back up. so that's the answer to your -- your point. in this case, you don't believe it works. eric, nobody around this table with the exception of me thinks there's probably some hope for it. obama believes it works. he thinks there's a way. now, you can argue the policy. and if it is impossible, obama's presidency is pretty much over. >> i don't think he really believed it's going to wor
FOX News
Nov 2, 2013 8:00pm PDT
is called don't force it. sitting right next to me he's hideous. he's horrible. he makes me want to vomit. >> a block. >> should we balk at dirty talk. a texas court has ruled it's okay to have sexual online conversations with minors. i don't mean people who work with coal. i mean kids, which brings us to a new segment. >> victory for perverts. >> any way. citing the first amendment the texas court of criminal appeals struck down a law that lawed sexually explicit communications between a judge and a minor. judge kathy cochran wrote the law was was too broad. she cited "50 shades of grey" and some guy named sha ed shake. pervert will be free to cowoman bombard or children. how do the perverts feel? here is tape from outside the courthouse. it's amazing. i had no idea. there's 40 to 50 million perverts that are rejoying. tom, good to see you as usual. >> good to be back. >> it's great day for perverts, ie, you. >> at first i thought this judge was off her rocker. i thought this is a victory for perverts. she made a good point. the law prohibits and punishes is speech or already prohibited
FOX News
Nov 5, 2013 2:00pm PST
we said. he wasn't a liar back then, i don't think. he may have been told that. maybe he honestly was told by his people's handlers you're not going to be thrown off. >> disagree. >> maybe he was. give him the benefit of the doubt. up until he realized what's going on, he may not have lied. he looked to this group and said, i said you can keep it if things don't change and if. last night the president is a liar last night. >> i disagree. he's not lying. he's footnoting. footnoting is common. he does this with michelle. michelle, i quit smoking. cigarettes. i do it all the time. obama loves to campaign. he's not big on leading. what happens when you campaign a lot is, your words are weightless. in a way he's like a talk show host who can keep talking and talking and talking and realize that there is never any action committed to what we are doing as the talk show host. however, he is president. he is not a talk show host. therefore, his words have consequence. they have action. he doesn't realize that. he thinks in a way what he is doing right now is beneath him. there is another j
FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 1:00am PST
't afford. >> they live side by side. >> they're not mandated bob. >> i don't think you can not pay medicare payments. >> you're not mandated to buy it, though. >> let me get in here, as this thing progresses and gets worse my prediction is it doesn't collapse. i can't see the biggest spender in history letting this thing spiral on its own. he will take massive amounts of money to keep it afloat. but what if they have to say let's step in here and the government take control? >> it's hard for me to imagine an america today where that political conversation could take place and be successful. possibly in some of the states. you might be able to do a state-based experiment in vermont or somewhere where there's the political will to do that. in the recent book called "double down," they recount a scene in which president obama gets very frustrated with everybody telling him what to say and how to say it and he says why don't i just go out there and say what i really think about all of these things, climate change, health care, and he has a whole long list. and it would be refreshing to be able
FOX News
Nov 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
the policies themselves don't comply with the new mandates from the feds. so they have to cancel. president obama knew that would happen and he actually wants it to happen. because it forces americans into the obamacare exchanges to get new policies, many of which are more expensive. remember, remember. the goal of president obama and the democratic party is for the government to control the entire healthcare industry. that's called the single pair system. if -- single payer system. if private insurance companies get out of the healthcare business the feds take on more power and will eventually run the entire show setting premium rates and dictating prices for medical services. but the president will never tell us any of that. now, the latest poll on obamacare from george washington university says 53% of americans now oppose it 43% approve. so most americans are finally wising up to the quasisocialistic agenda of the democratic party. now, my analysis is not ideological. in fact, as you may know, i think some right wing idealogues are actually helping president obama by attacking him perso
Nov 28, 2013 12:00am PST
? >> i don't make anything of it. i doesn't make any sense. it's a game to some people. i don't think it's cool. they are not hitting me. i saw one guy hit a woman, hit a girl from behind and -- >> would you ever -- when you grew up on the streets of brooklyn, would you have ever done something like that. >> if i was on a robbing spree or robbing somebody i've done something like that but this is just for fun. these guys just -- it's just no purpose of doing it. i saw someone hit a woman. i would never hit a girl to the face. i just couldn't imagine. the only thing i could imagine is that being my daughter or my wife. >> why do people do it do you think? i have no idea. i don't have no idea. maybe they just evil. they are just some evil people. >> last time you came on the show, i talked to you about health care and we had this exchange. let's watch this. >> let's go back to your old streets and you meet your old guys and so on. what do you think the real cares and fears of the average american on the street are right now? >> health care. there's people that's haven't been to the doctor
Al Jazeera America
Nov 25, 2013 7:30pm EST
. it was awesome. i don't know if he's being sarcastic. another viewer, our son attends a technical high school. there is a culinary program. the food served there is best than most food in the country and most people don't have that. >> yes, one staffer said that he could opt for whole plate of french fries for lunch. >> we want to serve great food, but we want to serve great food that they're eating because they know academics success is tied in to the nutritional choices they make every day as well as whathe choices we make every da. >> the school lunch program is the country's second largest foot anfood nutrition program. they creased the availability of fruits, vegetables whole grains while reducing sodium and certain fats. some schools are turning to salad bars and chefs for the new meals. it cost $13 billion a year and some question the influence the industry after learning like items like pizza sauce counts s a vegetable. some schools dropped the program stating that students tossed the healthy options right into the trash cans. how could we have quality meals. let's go to julie, works
Comedy Central
Nov 4, 2013 9:30am PST
, maybe if you shouted "i love you steven." (audience complies. ) i don't know. (laughter) maybe if you whispered it. (audience complies) (laughter) folks, but no, no, i'm just -- i'm just too mad about obamacare, folks. (laughter) you see, the rollout has been one disaster after the next. actually, you can't even get to the next disaster, you get an error page that says 404: disaster not found. (laughter) well, folks, today the web site has sunk to new dot-lows. jim? >> we've all become familiar with this smiling woman who has graced the front of the health care web site since its launch. well, check this out, she's gone. >> she's now been replaced screen right with some handy icons showing you the different ways you can sign up. no word on why the change. >> stephen: i'll tell you why the change-- death panels got her. (laughter) prove me wrong, obama! folks, this affects me very deeply. over the past month, obamacare lady and i grew very close. (laughter) i mean, we had an instant connection until it disconnected me. (laughter) still, we spent a lot of time together lo
Comedy Central
Nov 6, 2013 11:30pm PST
of the finger. (cheers and applause) folk, i don't have to till the kids have lost out of what is important, all they care about is their tweeting and their twerking, rubbing your butt against things should be reserved for revenge against your boss. that's why personally i'm grateful our kids have one reliable source of good values, television ads. >> today we're taking some kids on the best field trip they could wish for, and they done even know it. >> hi, guys. i'm ranger brad. welcome aboard. we're not going to waste any time. let's play name that leaf. what's this one? he says it is an oak leaf. it is a field maple, that's okay. i'm a big fan of trees, i done know if you can tempt but we're not going to the forest today, we're going to tois tois, guys. -- toys r us. welcome to the world's greatest toy store! toys r us has really captured the magic of having a stranger take your kids on a bus, lie about where they're going then take off his clothes and promise him toys. but more importantly, more pornly, i want to give a big tip of the hat to toys r us for reminding our kids that nature sucks
Nov 19, 2013 6:29pm EST
there are is the risk of that happening. i don't know that we have any evident of it actually happening and how the insurers, once they have a little more experience with reference pricing and see how charnls, if they have their payment tied to charges, we'll have more evidence of whether there is that kind of cost shifting within a facilities procedures. i think it's while it can "happy-go-luck "happy-go-lucky "happy-go-luckhappe limit, it should not on the front end. >> yes, david. >> we get the same question. well, for the hips and knees, kind of looping back around. as you saw in our numbers, we didn't actually see an increase in volume over the time and then in the're three procedures, i think we've seen a little bit of increase in colin os ko pi, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. for a screening like that, it's probably a good thing. >> yes, ma'am. >> my name is lisa summers. i'm with century health care institute. my question is -- given cpr's work on maternity care payment reform. certainly, o b care is not entirely elective once you're pregnant, you have to deliver, but women cer
FOX Business
Nov 3, 2013 1:30am EDT
'm asking, will it impact holiday sales? yes or no? >> no. i don't think so. >> that's all i need to know. dagen? >> yes. >> jeez, what is up with you guys? it's like mutiny. go ahead. >> we had the run of the place when he was in charge. that's why. >> well, because it who are being dropped, have to buy different insurance at higher prices. even if they aren't writing the check right now or right before christmas, they are going to look ahead and say, hey, i have to pull back. i have to adjust. i'm paying x amount more every month for my health insurarance. i will cut back now. >> we need a behavioral psychologist here. >> all right. adam, what do you think? >> well, i think that charlie -- i hate agreeing with him. but there are bigger factors at play as to whether or not it will be a good or a bad holiday shopping season. far and away the most important factor is how the economy is doing. the botched health care law implementation -- and by the way, neil, he's got you there. you get an e for effort there. but you want to blame everything on obama care. and it could be terrible. and --
FOX Business
Nov 10, 2013 8:00am EST
over broken obama care promises, but over obama care forcing people to buy coverage they don't need, like maternity care. well, man up, says a top democrat in the senate. >> somebody said, well, gee, now i've got -- i have to take this policy that covers maternity care. but my wife and i aren't having any more children. and i got to thinking about that. i thought, well, you know what? maybe because my wife and i don't have any more children, and they're grown up, maybe i shouldn't have to pay property taxes to pay for my local schools. we're better than that in this country. 're talking about being a part of our siety. same way with health care. it is a value system. >>o what do you think? is he right? buying medical care y don't need is part of america's value system? hi, everyone. i'm brenda buttner. this is "bulls and bears." d here they are, the bulls and bears this week. gary b. smith, tracy byrnes, jonas max ferris, john layfield, and david mercer. john, paying for maternity care or other coverage you don't need is all part of america's value system? >> not part of the america
FOX Business
Nov 17, 2013 1:30am EST
where's neil. some asking for ben and only one dig for charlie. that's the way it goes. >> don't tell me that person was at a strip club. >> sounds like it. >> charles what do you make of that, that we already now started addressing the problems with this law but now i'm beginning to suspect come the costs. what do you think? >> well, we're talking already 300,000 into medicaid, a program that was bust to begin with. we're talking about by the way it was never suggested or i've never heard the president say taxpayers were subsidized, health care insurance for people who have jobs, in fact up to 400% above poverty, a brand new entitlement, that's going to cost trillions of dollars, and by the way you had a plan that was supposedly substandard we'll get you a better one, like a banker telling you hey, why don't you buy this million-dollar house you can't afford. history not only repeating it self but exponentially more dangerously so. >> what do you think? >> i think it' a dangerous proposition that we're getting into where you already have marco rubio the senator calling for legislation t
FOX Business
Nov 24, 2013 1:00am EST
in their purse strings but it's all about expectations. if they're worried and confidence goes down, they don't spend. >> exactly, brenda. i disagree with you on one point. i don't think it is hard to quantify. in the most recent "forbes" study, in 49 stat the average premium is expected to go up 41%. so if you've gotten a letter like i have from blue cross/blue shield, it's easy to find out what your new premiums are going to be. if you're one of the six or seven people fortunate enough to log on to health care.cgov, you know your new premium. if you're using a state exchange up and running or the one in d.c., you know what your premiums are going to be. you're getting sticker shock. you may not have start paying premiums right away, i don't have to start paying for a w months, but it's right there in front of you. and, for example, in my case i know that over the course of the year my premium is going to go up $2,000 to $3,000. for a lot of families they're going to go, whoa, i've got to pay another $2,000, $3,000 next year? i tell you what, i have a bare bones policy. for a lot of people
FOX News
Nov 11, 2013 1:00pm PST
's the real smackdown. not a one of these smackers is called taxes. you pay it. they just don't say it to washington and mike emanuel who is all over it. >> reporter: democrats want more tax revel knew as part of a double digit biehl and they include closing loopholes to increase money coming in as a way to do it. republicans prefer to cut spending in a smarter way across the board, cuts known as sequester, and would like to close loopholes as part of tax reform that would lower rates. so nobody is talking about striking a big budget deal because the two sides are very far apart. the word "tax" is a toxic word with the g.o.p. but fees or loopholes may be easier to swallow, and user fee is mine sound friendly. on the airline security fees the idea would be a flat $10 for a round trip flight. if you take three flights you'd only be charged for one initial screening. the administration would like it to be bumped up to 7.50 each way, which they estimate would bring in close to $26 million. the airline industry is not happy, making it more expensive to fly. and then there's fees at our n
FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 2:00pm PDT
they don't have the numbers. >> no, we don't have that data. we're not going to have that data on an hourly basis. >> i don't have the numbers. >> how many have signed up thus far? >> fully enrolled? i can't tell you because i don't know. >> okay, greg, they still don't know and they aren't projected to know any time soon. >> yes, six people. there are more bodies in beckle's bed right now than that. >> ew. >> the upside, the only number piers morgan beats in the demo. thought i'd get a piers morgan jab in. no, it's incredible. it's amazing. it's almost as though you can't be this incompetent by accident. it's like there's a secret olympic event among bureaucrats to see how bad they can be. this is like incredible. it's almost like inspiring how awful they are. >> how could this happen? you look back at president obama. the first digital president. how well he ran his campaign. do you think david axelrod would have let only six people per day donate to obama's re-election? i doubt that. >> or if they would have admitted it. when gur governing, it's different. if the president wants an answe
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 1:00pm PST
the monster to sort of growl. and i don't -- i wonder just shutting it down for however extended a period doesn't get you away from the realization that maybe the structure itself is what is bad. you have to start from scratch. what do you think? >> that's right. and actually i did an article a while back basically saying the exact same thing which is really just starting from scratch. if you look at like the windows 8 operating system which is one of the more complex operating systems that we have in today's society, it's roughly around 50 to 80 million lines of code. this is around 500 million lines of code. extremely advanced. complex. basically they had a bunch of different development people and piecing this thing together and at the very end shoving it out the door without majorly testing it there is major implications that this is going to have from years to go down the road. >> how different is this from just someone who in college was doing an all nighter or frantically putting together, you know, the final pages of a turn -- term paper and ends up getting a decent grade. is ther
FOX News
Nov 30, 2013 7:30am PST
does that mean, fix it? is that what you're saying? i had tom delay on. he said, don't do anything to help this. >> sometimes it's good just to flush it out. >> okay. adam. >> i think that's wishful thinking. i'll try to -- with your permission. to flush it out, that's just not going to happen. it's a nice thought on your part -- >> no, it's like, you know, napoleon coming in and invading russia. let the winter destroy his army. >> what did you say about napoleon? >> he invited russia -- >> adam's point, what was it? >> i'm going to try to talk about the health care costs, especially in corporate america. which is what the point is here. i mean, neil, it's funny, most of you would probably agree that one of the problems, the way health care's been paid for over the past generation is that people stopped taking responsibility for their costs, right, they said, oh, my company will pay for it. the company said, guess what, we want you to pay for it a little bit more. maybe you'll think about some of your wasteful spending or -- just running off to wherever -- >> that might be very --
Nov 25, 2013 12:00am PST
and make sure the investigation wasn't in any way tainted. >> yofrk are i don't think it's wise or justifiable for him to be at the range firing with ammuniti ammunition. >> you think there was something wrong with it? i don't. why aren't they coming to me and questioning me? >> it's important to stress by all indications sheriff smith did not break the law, but as you heard, experts call it a mistake in judgment. after leaving a rehab program, aldon smith turned himself in at the sheriff's department. he posted bail and his since entered a not guilty plea to the felony weapons charges. now coming up after the break, we investigate crime statistics inside police sources speaking out. the city of san jose getting caught in a numbers game. >>> the numbers don't lie. or do they? san francisco's biggest city boasted that gang crime has gone down considerably. but high-ranking sources in the san jose police department revealed the city was playing a numbers game with crime statistics. investigative reporter broke the story. >> it was the night before memorial day. >> he's got headpho
Nov 30, 2013 2:00am PST
. and the president is fully aware of this. i remember him saying, a lot of these people don't even think i was born here and he wasn't sure what he meant here. that's the theology of it. there's a theological belief at the heart of this, the president is somehow not only legitimate, not american, not even from here, that's an element of theology with these people. it goes back to the birthism and rejection of him from the body politic. they never accepted his legitimacy. >> i think a cosmic thing is true. >> if for you're ted cruz who was born to an american mother up in kentucky, i'm all for that. the worst crazy thing is donald trump is president obama was born to an american mother in kenya. if you accept cruz as a president then you should accept president obama as a legitimate president. he wouldn't answer it. even in the narrow bounds i set it up. >> chris you're asking for something they can't give you. you're asking for some moral and political integrity and consistency and they don't have it when it comes to this president. >> number two. goes to tea party congressman of michigan during a
Nov 21, 2013 7:30am PST
? hasn't he fixed that for you t ? no. - i'll ask him aut it toght. - don't bother. he's probablgot a lot other things on his mind. the only thing on david's mi is how to get out of doing his homework. it's not fny, jess. i just got a second note from his teacher about his math and english grades. that bad, huh ? - don't worry. 's only a passing phase. - he'll geover it. - t when ? don't know if i can le that long. - hasn't he got a birthday coming soon - next month. he'lle 14. fourteen ? 's practically man. at 14 i was workg in my father's shop. would you like me to finhim a jo? e on thing i want is for himo finishchool without failing. finished my deliveries mr. brashov. do youant me to do anythilse fore i go home ? i can't lievi'm hearing this. hat's the tter with you, henry ? oh, i was justonring if i can be of help. - esn't sound li the hry i know. - y, i'm feeling good, okay ? does this ha anyth to do withour date last saturday ? - it might. - well, i'm glad one of us has a love life. congratulations, henry. what's the young lady's name ?
Nov 2, 2013 1:00am PDT
vieira's twitter account. ♪ >>> i don't know what's going on in hollywood right now, because lot of people are make the decision to change up their look traumatically. almost to the point where they're not recognizable. when you position pam u pyou th what do you positioyou think? take a look at this. she has chopped her hair off to nothing. >> what happened to her boobs? ? looks like she chopped those off, too. she cut off all her hair. i'm trying to put my finger on exactly what renee zellweger did to her face. did they have her lips reduced? >> and her eyes aren't squinity. >> it's a procedure like get rid of sour face. she doesn't look angry. >> she can't make any expressions. >> what has she done for the past couple of years? >> when you can't find work, get work done. >> why not. >> and another celebrity who has made a remarkable transformation, jake gyllenhaal has dropped a lot of weight. >> dropped 20 pounds. >> that's quite enough. any thinner, i'd have to second guess it. that's too skinny for me. >> i don't likely aing on top of guys thinking i'm going to smoth smother
Nov 1, 2013 8:30pm PDT
have any background on why that change was made at state level. >> i don't can the planning staff answer that question. >> i don't know that's a state law beyond the planning coincide. >> but it was true it was 10 years at one point and it's now 5 years. >> the city attorney mate know. >> i believe the ellis act has always contained a tiered number of business so if you go back into business in 5 years after 10 years there's more restrictions but i understand part of the ellis act has not been amended. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner sophie with the planning staff. i received one letter from the san francisco association i will distribute that to you are the association recommended 3 modifications is that the 10 year term be reduced to 5 years and when the law becomes effective and if the unit has been lawfully removed an owner shall not be subject to this ordinance. i'll distribute that and i have a chart for the criteria for dpooshsz as well as the evaluation of merges and to non-residential uses if this ordinance were to be adopted that i have copies for the public a
Nov 2, 2013 1:30am PDT
buyers to rehab loans to other sources such as single family loans. at this time we don't have any programs to address this particular situation. we clearly could explore that in the future, but that at this time we don't have anything in place that would address this. >> i think it would be good, i understand that's the case. i think it would be good to be able to use this experience in a way that might inform future programs and services relative to people on disabilities and on fixed incomes and on the housing fund. i don't think there has been that in this program, i think it would help a lot of people in san francisco. >> supervisor kim? >> thank you. are we jumping the gun. my questions are for the city. >> if there are any other questions, we have one more individual for public comment and then we will go to the city's presentation. sir, if you would like to make your presentation now. >> tom gilberte. bravo. for 400 units plus in south beach marina, the only way i got in was take the bathroom door off. no other unit in a different style can get my wheelchair in. we may get
Nov 3, 2013 1:30pm PST
to provide 50-400 people? >> of the resources we have currently, no we do not. i don't know if all the individuals would take housing if it were offered, right now at our stabilization beds we have 240. there may be 5 vacant at this point. of our shelters they are 97 percent full. of the emergency resources we have, we are opening our winter shelter program opening the week before thanksgiving. that will be approximately 100 beds. those beds don't turnover very much. >> my fear is because parks and recreation is kicking them out of golden gate, they are going to wind up on the streets. >> we went through a listing with individuals who have been very impacted in a negative way in the park. they identified 30 individuals and 10 of those individuals are continuing to conduct damage. my interest in involvement is going to be to pursue this with the district attorneys office. the district attorney has a program where they track things and along the lines of the questioning this morning, i think we need to understand that if people are being cited for damaging and there are consistent pr
Nov 4, 2013 11:00pm PST
don't want anybody to interpret that in our report. >> maybe it's a question for one of the agencies. since we did hear from parks and recreation that they will be kicking people out of the park. if we have 50-400. if i can ask somebody from the city agency, where are these people going to go? are they going to be camping out on the street, maybe district 5? >> i just want to first underscore that the civil grand jury were very compassionate about helping people and i think that is their motivation. one of the things that came out of this process and dialogue was that those of you here at the board supported, which enabled us to open transitional housing managed by communitying housing partnership working with transition youth agencies. this is 374 fifth street, the mayor put $400,000 and this leadership here this morning added $300,000. as you can imagine for many young adults going to the shelters is not what they are often willing to do. if we put this -- them in the sro's they are not successful at putting them in there. if they are put in housing they are going to end up in a
Nov 5, 2013 1:30am PST
a dialysis patient. and i am out-patient and i don't know about money or politics, but you see when i came out there to the institution, i am on dialysis. and now, if if i was at the hospital and if ied to go to the other hospital i would never make it because they don't take our patient person. but the general hospital took me and i do all of my services there and i go to the room clinic and i go to the therapy because for my legs, so i can get up and walk one day and so, everything that i do is inside of a hospital. and they treat me well, and you know, and they make me friendly, and they are friendly to me because they understand the situation, that i came out of. and if it wasn't for them, who knows, i probably would be tore up, so please don't move. that is all that i got to say. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> my name is (inaudible) and i am 13 years old and i am here to support my dad for dialysis at general hospital. >> hello my name is george and i would like to say that i started dialysis when i was 32, real young. bo
Nov 5, 2013 4:00pm PST
will not grant a ceqa appeal given the statewide amendment. there is such a confidence that they don't bother to get it right, don't bother to get the neighborhood right, don't bother to discuss or analyze the issues in the environmental document. that's the goal of the department. is an is a full discussion of those issues and you do not have that in front of you today. i would like to bring up to mic grassity that provides the forms in writing. thank the board for your attention and we hope to get the board's support today. >> thank you very much, mr. will -- williams. >> i have to remind members of the public that we prohibit applause or members of option so we can move further. i'm going acknowledge supervisor wiener. unfortunately your time is up. you do not have time unless there are questions asked of you. supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i have questions for mr. williams. i'm looking at your october 14th submissions that your negative should beset aside and we should have an environmental report for this project? >> just an equally alternative would be a correction, an amendment of
Nov 6, 2013 8:00am PST
is really just three to 6 is when they are setting up. and then, i don't know if anyone has any feelings about after midnight or... >> so 6:00 to 1:00 are the hours. >> yeah. and i think that they said 6:00 to 11 are the hours and, then they want to continue playing some music 11 to 1. >> and which is essentially 6 to 1. >> yeah. >> true. >> and i am thinking that as the people go through and to the crowd starts to disperse, i think that what they are trying to do is giving those people who have been waiting in line for hours, you know, something to sort of, and i think that like if this is in a more residential area, i would be a little more concerned, but it is right there on market street. and as long as... and there will be there, people there controlling the sound. i feel like they have done a lot of connecting to people, so that if there is a issue, with the sound then they will be responsive to it. and so, i think that it should be okay. but i would understand if people wanted to restrict the time also. >> i threw it out there, we don't have to keep going with it. >> i think that
Nov 15, 2013 4:30pm PST
've previously had copies 80 that shows the changes of the windows. >> so increase no changes. >> don't those plans reflect the changes in the egress. >> well, it removes the need for the second needs of egress. >> the plan is changed. >> i'll let the architect speak to that are. >> the change is a change before we met in october the plans that were submitted to you and the people appealing it's the same plan showing the sliding glass doors it only has a dash line here the numbers indicate that we're less than 2 hundred and 50 feet from the further corner of the top deck. it distributes in the description of the work the removal of window and door when i met with the gentleman i shimmed the windows changes and i understood today joe duffey said he didn't care. that's the only change otherwise we'll leave the door at the top of the landing. it would meet the egress requirements and we'll go for a revision permit to put the doors on which the planning department will have a problem with >> thank you. the plans there's no approval stamp on that; right? >> the rest of the plan that ron tom
Nov 22, 2013 10:30pm PST
we can do. i don't know what we can solve by rehashing what we've enliven both. i don't think this is a motor vehicle mansion. mr. curb way sent me an e-mail of concern and mr. brown can look into his backyard you can't live very close to people without looking at their backyard but as a neighbor so long as the outside of the house doesn't change when walking down the street it looks consistent with the neighborhood. they've looked at this and they're giving their best option so i hope you'll take that into account >> any other - >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm jack i'm a long-term resident in the district and have a property on erect street i fully support the relocate it looks fantastic. thank you >> thank you. i'm paul i live cross the street when i think my number may have been included and one of the supports of dr was incorrect. i support the project it's atkins an improvement to the neighborhood. the remodeled house will be in character. i believe what happened in the past it should be matched to the neighborhood housing. the owners been sensitive to the plannin
Nov 29, 2013 10:00am PST
's not really -- we don't really see an alternative for planning not having that referral. i do expect them to be here soon and they might be able to elaborate a little bit more, but at the most basic level, it's a planning code issue. cottage food is defined in the planning code. planning has to, has to review it. and, so, that's why there's a fee. >> are there any other zoning fees for other home-based businesses in san francisco? >> this would be the first -- this would be the first allowance of something like -- exactly like this out of a -- it's in the planning code to my understanding. i don't know that there's anything comparable, but the planning department does make -- does look at, you know, whether a particular use matches a planning code all the time. there are charges and fees associated with that. so, it's not unprecedented in that sense. it would be very unusual for planning to have to review something and not, and not have a fee associated with it. >> any other? but if the health department -- so, it does have to go through some type of planning? >> planning just has to -- i
Nov 30, 2013 10:30am PST
or whatever else i do in the cab, more regulation is not (inaudible) i don't want another one, another piece of technology that i have no idea who fti is. they have a bunch of employees in nevada but i'm not one of their employees and i don't think there's ever been a time that sfmta has contacted me anyway but they can't get that result. if someone doesn't respond to them, they can put them out of service. who accepts the call, who denies the call, this kind of minutia, if you don't like the way fly wheel works, don't use fly wheel. i know we're trying to get this thing going but really what we're trying to do the thing going. whether you like coke or pepsi really doesn't matter, people are going to drink it. some people like yellow, some people like luxor, some people don't care, they just want a guy rolling around with a meter, unfortunately. one thing that's indicated is fti wants it use gps for meter and that's not acceptable for weights and measures so look at that more closely but we -- it goes into delineation and deficiencies of this time and space of travel. we should look into
Nov 5, 2013 1:30am PST
protection. gloves, eye protection, and masks and sanitation and hand washing and who among us don't have a nick or a cut on their hand and are you going to touch someone's blood and your in tac skin will protect you from most ilknows. however, if you have a cut on your hand you have a path for infection to get inside of you and you want a pair of latex gloves -- several pairs of glo gloves that you can put on and change as you go from patient t patient hopefully and at least wash your hands and disinfect your hands between patient contacts and the eyes are like an open wound and path to get into your body and glasses and take the old glasses and throw them in your kit and you have something to wear and face mask and of course dust and dirt and all of these disasters throw up dust and dirt and especially in a dryer season and push comes t shove a band da bandana. and after a disaster is not the time to let your hygiene slip and it's a time to tighten it u and communitycable diseases and if it's wet and not yours don't touch it. gloves and every patient contac and don't touch blood and it'
Nov 8, 2013 1:30pm PST
don't think the water itself hurts the roof. in the areas it ponds that's where the dirt ends up. it tends to wear the cap sheet down faster. what we recommend is every 4 years you may need to go on the areas where it a wearing the cap sheet and put emulsion and reimbed the granules. >> it's really difficult get a pond off an existing roof. when you raise an area you push it to the next. when you raise another area it pushes to another area. it's difficult to do on some of the roofs. if they tried to do this and took the roof off and tried to do it you might want to ask, why is the taper not working the way it was supposed to work? >> it's not reasonable to say, let's take it off and rebuild the roof do routine maintenance. >> i roofer would know how to do it? is >> yes. >> let's finish talking about flashings. how many roofs there are one of the ways you can sometimes tell is by counting how many of the metal stops you have on the edge of the roof like that? the simplest of all ways if you see 2 or 3 you know they are there because there was a roof put on. >> sometimes tha
Nov 14, 2013 10:00am PST
people in painting, buy the best material you can because you don't want to keep redog it. is this the same concept. >> it is the prep work is important if you go over a bad part tell effect the roof. >> going over a bad surface. the implication is most buildings in san francisco are existing buildings. we don't have that many new buildings that you can put a brand-new work o. most of the work we see and you guys do are reroofs. which is trying to going out what the problem is and how to fix it? is that what you do? >> yes. i was thinking the subsurface. when we see oftentimes someone put a beautiful tile roof on that can last 50 or 70 years the waterproofing under is not up to snuff it the last 15 years you have a 75 year old roof that will last for 15 because the underlayment is not up to the quality of roof itself. that's an example we are seeing here. >> what is the primary cause of failure? failure means that the roof leaks? we can agree the roof doesn't work it leaks. >> it's supposed to rain tomorrow. >> the most important thing is application. >> the failure
Nov 20, 2013 10:00am PST
under advisement, is there a time limit for those? >> 30 days. >> if they don't get the permit issued and inspected and signed out during the 40 day period, we move forward without any further hearing, and issue the order of abatement and assess fees. >> thank you. >> i was going to have rose mary talk on behalf of housing and so i will just mention it for her and she is comment on it if she comes back, the housing performed were 895 and the complaints were 412, and the complaints response within 24 to 78 hours were 763, the notice of violations 168, the mraints for notice of violations were 596 and the number of cases since the director's hearing was 33 for the housing. >> okay. >> that is good, thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> great. >> is there any public comment on item 4 athrough 4 e, of the director's report? >> seeing none, item five, discussion and update regarding october 17, 2013 inspections and planning department request to suspend pending permits at 1049 market street. >> the legislative and public affairs, and just a quick update on 1049 market street. right af
Nov 20, 2013 12:00pm PST
dispieed the purpose and that was not the case and willing to provide the inspection and i don't think that the conditions inside of the property have changed much although i do think that they look better on the outside of the property and that is where she has been focusing her efforts because that is where the neighbors are complainting, and we think that the property does not look as nice as ours and when those complaints come in she focuses her efforts on that but she is limited. so i am open to suggestion and open to assisting and you know, i am not being paid for my efforts in this matter, and i am doing this probono because i believe in this cause and i believe that is an issue that should be corrected if we can get a time able that everybody can live with and we can all continue the dialogue towards making sure that that happened. and so, now i am open to whatever suggestions that the panel has and in that regard and willing to participate however i can and assessing the home owner for the continued costs, and it is not going to get us to a place where this building gets fixed
Nov 8, 2013 5:30pm EST
. well, i'm asking because chris left the room when i did it so i don't want tompty the audience out. >> wendy: why did you ask him? was there drinking involved? >> no, i love the song and i nt to make sure he remembered. it's been a while. and i was not good at singing. he came back. >> wendy: that's a good encounter. here is your fourth question, favorite bo part of a man. is it a strong jaw, is it good hands? >> there are so many. can i namtwo? >> wendy: go ahead. okay, i like a nice smile. i like the tiniest little overbite. i know that sounds strange. >> wendy: it's okay. >> a little bit but not a buck. just a little overbite. and i like shoulders, that le -- >> wendy: yes. >> that line. that line. >> wendy: and here is your last question, favorite on-screen makeout. now you've made out with kevin hart and terence. who does it better? i won't kiss, i won't gain weight, i won't lose weight, no. >> i'm telling them she's going to be kissing the cast. i kissed terence more because i had more kissing scenes and we were kissing again. >> wendy: which comes out next year. >> june. >>
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